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GDACS Daily Newsletter for 11/11/2011

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Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System — Newsletter 11/11/2011

This daily newsletter provides an overview of the natural disasters that happened in the last 24 hours and response measures for ongoing disasters. GDACS currently covers earthquakes, tsunamis, tropical cyclones, volcanic eruptions and floods. The color coding (red, orange, green) is related to the estimated humanitarian impact of the event.

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Disaster events in the last 24 hours

GDACS detected the following potential disasters. For up-to-date media coverage, latest maps and ReliefWeb content related to these disasters, please go to GDACS homepage.

Current tropical cyclones (source JRC and Pacific Disaster Center)


Automatic impact report (JRC)
capSEAN-11 in Atlantic
PDC—11 Nov 2011new


Tropical Storm SEAN-11 affected 66 thousand people with winds above 39mph (63 km/h) and few people with hurricane wind strengths (74mph or 119 km/h). In addition, few people are living in coastal areas below 5m and can therefore be affected by storm surge.

Discussions in Virtual OSOCC

The GDACS Virtual OSOCC is a forum for emergency managers. If you are involved in an ongoing emergency as a local emergency management authority or as an international responder, please provide your information in the GDACS Virtual OSOCC. The following emergencies are currently open.

Earthquake in the Van Province, Turkey 23-Oct-2011 14:21
Central America region - floods 20-Oct-2011 19:17
Nicaragua - floods 18-Oct-2011 23:45
Southeast Asia: Flooding 13-Oct-2011 16:45
6.8M Earthquake - Sikkim, INDIA 18-Sep-2011 18:39
Bahamas - Hurricane Irene 27-Aug-2011 16:55

ReliefWeb Situation Reports

More content on ongoing disasters on ReliefWeb.

Djibouti: Horn of Africa Crisis - Situation Report No. 22 Fri, 11 Nov 2011 01:26:51 +0000
Source:  UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Country:  Somalia, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan (the)


  • Increased attacks on civilian and police targets have been reported in Kenya this week, as the Kenya military incursion in southern Somalia continues.

  • Humanitarian operations at Dadaab refugee camps and drought-affected areas of northeastern Kenya have been increasingly restricted, and in some cases halted, due to insecurity and damaged roads resulting from the ongoing heavy rains.

  • In Somalia, civilians have started moving out of their homes following declarations that Al-Shabaab strongholds in southern Somalia will face attacks.

  • A cholera outbreak has been confirmed in Djibouti.

Cameroon: Bulletin d?Information Humanitaire N?43/2011 - Periode du 31 Octobre au 06 Novembre 2011 Thu, 10 Nov 2011 17:39:21 +0000
Source:  UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Country:  Niger (the), Cameroon, Chad, Cote d'Ivoire, Libya

Faits majeurs:

  1. Crise libyenne: le recit de voyage de Salissou, un migrant. P4

  2. Agadez : 2.999 nouveaux cas de malnutris severes dont 28 deces en 2011 contre 713 nouveaux cas dont zero deces en 2010. P4

  3. Campagne agricole: Tillabery dans la zone rouge.

Chad: Weekly Humanitarian Bulletin, 28 October - 3 November 2011 Thu, 10 Nov 2011 13:43:35 +0000
Source:  UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Country:  Sudan (the), Chad, Ethiopia, South Sudan (Republic of)

Key Points

  • On 3 November the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) re-entered Kurmuk in Blue Nile State.

  • UNCHR reports new wave of refugees crossing the border into Ethiopia from Blue Nile State.
    Some 33,000 Sudanese have crossed into Ethiopia since September 2011.

  • Following continued clashes between SAF and Sudan People?s Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N) in South Kordofan State, more civilians are reportedly fleeing into South Sudan.

  • The reconstruction of the Banton Bridge linking Abyei to Agok was completed this week.

Indonesia: Monthly Humanitarian Update - October 2011 Thu, 10 Nov 2011 05:26:13 +0000
Source:  UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Country:  Indonesia

Natural Disasters

A 6.8-magnitude earthquake struck off the south-west coast of Bali Island on 13 October. It was felt most intensely in the Denpasar area as well as in several other areas in Bali, East Java and Lombok. No fatalities were recorded, although about 90 injuries were reported. A number of buildings including houses, hospitals, schools and temples, were damaged in Denpasar, Gianyar, Bangli, Badung, and Jembrana Districts. The district government, with support from provincial government and Indonesian Red Cross have responded to the emergency situation. Nineteen earthquakes measuring 5.0 or above on Richter scale (RS) occured across the country during October.

Several volcanoes increased their activities during October. Mount Marapi in West Sumatra erupted, spewing dark clouds up to 2,891 metres high. The Centre of Volcanology and Geological hazard Mitigation (PVMBG) raised the alert status of the volcano to level 2 (caution). Mount Lokon in North Sulawesi also erupted and spewed smoke up to 1,200 metres into the sky on 26 October. Increased activities were also recorded at Mount Anak Krakatau in Sunda Strait and Mount Papandayan in West Java. Their alert status however remained at level 3 (warning) 3. On the contrary, Mount Anak Ranakah in East Nusa Tenggara decreased its volcanic activity and PVMBG lowered the level of alert from 3 to level 2. Currently there are 4 volcanoes at alert level 3, including Papandayan, Karangetang, Lokon, and Anak Krakatau, and sixteen volcanoes at alert level 2.

The Meteorology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) reported that most parts of the country entered the rainy season in October, including Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan and Sulawesi, and the rest of the country will enter the rainy season in November. The peak of the rains is expected in January or February 2012. During the month, heavy rains triggered floods and landslides in several areas of the country causing damages to properties and losses to lives. The worst flooding occured in Donggala District, Central Sulawesi on 17 October, killing three people.

Kenya: Kenya Humanitarian Update - 9 November 2011 Thu, 10 Nov 2011 05:03:34 +0000
Source:  UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Country:  Kenya, Somalia


  • Two killed in church explosion in Garrisa as Kenya surges on in fight against Al-Shabaab militants

  • National Commission on Integration and Cohesion warns against xenophobic attacks on Kenyan Somalis

  • Food security set to improve in coming months as 3.75 million people remain dependant on relief aid

  • Prices for the staple maize decrease by 42 per cent in some areas; but high fuel prices remain a concern

  • Conflict in Isiolo far from over; tensions remain high

Somalia: Famine & Drought Situation Report No. 21 Thu, 10 Nov 2011 00:32:13 +0000
Source:  UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Country:  Somalia


  • People have started fleeing their homes to seek refuge in surrounding villages following declarations that the Al Shabaab strongholds in Afgooye, Kismayo, Baidoa, Marka and other towns in southern Somalia will face aerial strikes soon

  • The number of Somali refugees arriving to Ethiopia in October has nearly doubled that recorded in September

  • Due to lack of funding, the shelter response is inadequate, particularly in light of the growing needs during the rainy season


See all maps produced by UNOSAT.

No content published since yesterday.

ReliefWeb Maps

More maps in ReliefWeb Map Centre.

Thailand: Flooding around the Bangkok Metropolitan Area - as of 10 November 2011 Thu, 10 Nov 2011 05:40:58 +0000
Country:  Thailand
Source:  UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Thailand: Floods - as of 10 November 2011 Thu, 10 Nov 2011 05:38:14 +0000
Country:  Thailand
Source:  UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

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